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My name is Chris but I'm often referred to as "Jones" or  "Coach Jones" 

I'm a Marine, Fitness Instructor, AYSO soccer coach, and a beach body coach(

I played sports my whole life, love enjoying the outdoors with my family, and overall working out and staying healthy.  

I believe being healthy means eating right and daily exercise.  "Healthy" comes in all shapes and sizes.. you don't have to supermodel skinny to be considered "healthy" or "in shape".  Healthy is being the best YOU that you can be.  Please don't subject yourself to what "celebrities" look like and what shape they appear to be in.  FOCUS on YOU and your health... being healthy is a lifestyle - no diets, no gimmicks, no magic weight loss pill... just eating healthy and exercising.  Bootcamp adds the daily exercise in your life without the boredom... just a lot of people exercising and having fun.